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Author Topic: Paranormal, telepathy, one million price from James Randi, telepathic Vinko and  (Read 3426 times)

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James Randi is offering 1 000 000 US$ to any person that can give evidence to paranormal.
Things like telepathy , moving and bending objects using brain power.
Over 50% of people believe in paranormal , some people like Vinko Rajic can use telepathy
all the time and they are many others but scientists do not want to do research on it.
Why all this madness scientist do not want to accept telepathy and some other things to be
possible and normal, big percent of Schizophrenics believe in telepathy?

File Brain_Scan_Images_Vinko_Rajic.zip contain images on telepathic Vinko Rajic's brain.
Very fascinating, new brain scanning.

Why is he still offering this price if there is evidence that some people can use
telepathy( Vinko Rajic , and others telepathists) ?
What you think what James Randi wont?
Do you know any person that can use paranormal powers?
Do you believe in telepathy?

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