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Author Topic: Austin Richards  (Read 3963 times)

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Austin Richards
« on: August 27, 2010, 12:32:47 PM »
Hello My name is Austin Richards
My mother is known on here as fairygodmuther
I just wanted to say hello and i am some what a fan of paranormal teams and events.
I have done my self of things here in Utah and i have learned a lot.  I am a graphic artist, so i like to take photos and see if there is anything. but ya i would like to share my experience with everyone.

I had my mom contact your team about events happening to me almost ever night. I have done research on what it could be all that popes up is Sleep paralysis but other events other then that have going on.  I have been held down, thrown out of my bed, had something shake my bed, and just a few nights ago  i was pulled back in to my bed by something i don't know what it is i have my thoughts what it is but i don't know.  

Ghost-girl contacted me and i gave her all the info on what has been going on in full detail but i felt i should post here as well.

P.S. My spelling isn't the best sorry :P
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