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Author Topic: Forum Rules  (Read 8816 times)

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Forum Rules
« on: May 23, 2009, 01:01:45 PM »
NOTICE: We check all email and IP addresses of new accounts at http://www.stopforumspam.com So if you register an account and
you are on their list you will be automatically Banned from this Forum and your account will be deleted without notice!!!

Section 1 - User Accounts:

1)  All accounts are free.  No one will ask for personal information.  If they do, report it to a staff member.
2)  Donít register for another account if you have one already.  If you do, youíll get a warning / account will be deleted.
3)  Maintain a valid email.  
4)  By reading the rules / ToS, you agree to our terms and are bound by these terms.
5)  This is an all age board, in other words it is a PG board.

Section 2 - Topics, Posts, and Polls

1)  No bashing of any kind, be it members, groups, etc.  Rudeness, Insults, threats of violence will NOT be tolerated.  NO POLITICAL DISCUSSIONS ARE ALLOWED at this time.  Religious threads will be created by Moderators (do NOT preach or shove religion down others' throats).  
2)  Donít use excessive profanity in topics, threads, links, polls.
3)  No fighting.  Threads can and will be locked.
4)  Donít spam your stuff.  Be constructive with your posts.  Do not bump threads.
5)  No Porn, illegal activities, pirated software or any type of illegal transactions.
6)  All posts/polls/threads, etc. are the property of Paranormal Pulse.  The Moderators has the right to lock, move, deleted threads if deemed necessary.
7)  Signatures, Avatars, photos and links deemed unacceptable by Moderators, will be removed or request a change.
8 )  No blogging or links. Remember this is a PG board.
9)  Donít advertise your products or services, unless approved by Moderators.  This will be considered spam.
10)  Post in the correct place.  Take the time to look around, chances are it probably has already been posted.
11)  If a thread is locked, do NOT start another one unless Moderators gives you permission.
12) No discussion on underage drinking.  No discussions of drug usage or paraphernalia.
13)  No sexual references, again this is a PG board.
15) Do NOT ask for donations or contributions.
18)  If you are sent a PM with a warning, do not discuss this publicly.  Do not ask another Moderators if someone else has received a reprimand.  This will not be shared with others.  If there is a threat towards Paranormal Pulse, or Moderators you will be banned.

Section 3 - Private Messages (PMs) and Emails

1)  Paranormal Pulse cannot be held responsible for content of email or PMs.  If there are offending PMs please copy and paste and send to a Moderators.  
2)  Your information is private and we do not and will not use it for any means or manner.
3)  Keep your information to yourself.  

Section 4 - Paranormal Pulse Staff, Paranormal Pulse Family Staff, Board Staff

1)  Moderators have the right to add to the rules in specific areas if deemed necessary.  If you have a question, please direct your question to the Moderators.
2)  ToS will not be negotiable, override, or even violate the rules set forth.
3)  Do NOT argue with the Moderators in public.  Use the PM system.  If you still have a problem, contact an administrator.
4)  Impersonating a Paranormal Pulse member, family member, or Moderators will result in a ban.
5)  Moderators has the right to edit, remove, or lock a thread, post, or poll if necessary.
6)  Donít ask for personal information about Paranormal Pulse members.

Section 5 - Privacy Policy

1)  All information we have on your account is confidential.  We will not disclose any information.
2)  Please use discretion if you decide to give someone your information.  We will not be held accountable.  
3)  Personal information we have on your account will only be used for internal security reasons alone.  If you feel your private information has been compromised, please contact one of the Admins or Moderators.
4)  No information about Paranormal Pulse cases or clients will be released.  
5)  No age limit here, but please use caution as this is an all age board.  

Section 6 - File uploads (Gallery & Archive Forums)

1)  Only pictures using a photo hosting site and sound files using an audio hosting site can be uploaded.  These files must stay within the ToS.
2)  Only acceptable files can be *.GIF, *.JPG, *.JPEG, *.WAV and *.PNG.
3)  Files that contain vulgar or offensive images or sounds, advertisements, drug use, etc. could result in a ban.
4)  Do NOT upload copywrited pictures or links unless the owner has given permission.
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