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Author Topic: EMF  (Read 1582 times)

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« on: December 05, 2009, 02:47:24 PM »
I just did an accidental experiment on EMF. I was sitting on the couch near the fireplace, approx 4'. It is a gas fireplace and has a fan to
move the heated air out into the room. I was sitting there for approx 15 min and started getting really sleepy... I had also just had a cup of caffeinated
hot tea , I shouldn't be tired at all. I also noticed my battery on my cellphone had gone down quite a bit from full to half.
I dozed off for about 15 min, woke up because I had a message on my phone and the battery was in the red!
I went upstairs and got my EMF meter and with the fan on the EMF near the fireplace was 5.9 milligaus, where I was sitting on the couch it
was 3.5. So in 30min I had battery drain on my cellphone and was fatigued by the electromagnetic field! (With the fan off it was 1.2.)
As soon as I was away from the source I felt fine?

I wonder how long it takes spirit energy to effect us the similarly?
I have had similar experiences on investigations where the EMF was high, and felt fatigued after a while... I don't believe I have it written down
as evidenciary material though...?
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